Services Offered

-Commercial or Residential-

Excavating Services 

     -New gravel driveway install (clear if needed, excavate soil, add stone)

     -Gravel driveway repair/maintenance (repair potholes, washouts)

     -Gravel driveway grade adjustments for drainage issues

     -Culvert install and repair (for driveways, farm crossings, etc...)

     -Rip rap (culvert ends, hillsides, washouts, erosion control, decorative needs)

     -Erosion control

     -Drainage (tile install/repair, grade adjustments)

     -Buried gutter drains (to get the gutter runoff away from your home)

     -Finish grading (new homes, redo existing lawns, settled septic drainage fields)

     -Building pads (pole barns, mini barns, concrete pads, shipping containers)


     -Stump removal

     -Clearing (clear trees for new drives, build sites, clear fence rows, or general clearing)

     -Dam repair/maintenance (clearing, mowing, overgrowth and neglect)

     -Beaver dam removal

     -Property cleanup (junk, concrete, old play sets, cars, scrap, rocks/boulders, trees, etc...)

     -General digging needs


    -Any kind of mulch or landscape stone

     -Retaining walls

     -All kinds of custom edging (stone, steel, plastic, rip rap, large rocks/boulders, pavers, cut in)

     -Boulders for lawn or landscape

     -Existing landscape repair/maintenance

     -Removal of bush's, shrubs, yews, any kind of overgrowth around home or buildings

     -Pavers, pathways

     -Setting heavy landscape sculptures/fountains

     -Removing old garden beds or overgrowth

     -Custom fencing

     -Custom gardens

Bush Hogging

     -Rotary mowing for taller grass (lanes, fields, lots, overgrowth)

Lawn Mowing

     -Commercial or residential lawn service

Pond and Dam Maintenance

     -Clearing dam sides of overgrowth, neglect, and vegetation 


     -For new building lots or driveways

     -Removal of stumps, shrubs, bushes, overgrown landscape areas

     -Fence rows


     -New home lot grading

     -Smooth and flatten existing lawn from previous digging or damage

     -Smooth out any previous septic install/repair, high/low spots, recent construction

Custom Work

     -Chances are if it involves maintenance of a property I can do it

     -Gates, fences, deck repair, moving things, walk paths, etc...

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